We had a leakage from a ceiling. I called Drain & Plumbing Experts. The plumber came  within couple of hours. He found the problem very fast.  Plumber explained to me the issue and told me my options on how to fix it. He fixed everything professionally  and in timely manner. We are very satisfied with their service. Very good one!


We had a problem with the copper pipe. It was broken with by a nail and water was leaking. We called some plumbing companies but they couldn’t do the same day appointment. Then we called Drain & Plumbing Experts and the guys came the same day! They repaired it proficiently and for reasonable price! 


In my house I had problem with main line as it was blocked with tree roots. The main line was from clay pipe and roots had grown into it. Pipe was blocked. I called Drain & Plumbing Experts.and plumbers arrived fast, job was done professionally and efficiently, the price reasonable. I highly recommend Drain & Plumbing Experts.


I had some problems with shower faucet. It was dripping. I wanted it to be replaced. I called Drain & Plumbing Experts. The plumber came in on time. After checking Andrew got me into the right path. He changed just the cartridge. I saved money instead of buying the faucet. I am gonna call them in the future!

Regular Customer